Design, develop & construct

We design, develop and construct components for the technical architecture. The required properties of the products, among static and technical criteria, have mostly also an aesthetic requirement. When connecting steel with concrete and glass, highly detailed and precise cast irons are required in stainless steel and aluminum including special surface properties. Thanks to the longstanding experience in this sector, GVA is able to design fast, faultless and reliable constructions and prototypes for approval for serial production.

GVA successfully supplied such components as follows:

  • Facade fasteners
  • Glass holder
  • Resistant spacer for wall panels
  • Dependent bars for double I-beam
  • Foundation anchor
  • Drill heads and components


The architecture components of GVA are special developments, which are supplied worldwide. Manufacturing takes place exclusively in our certificated manufacturing plants in a variety of material qualities including high alloys and special steels. We are always glad to assist in selecting suitable materials and standards. Our strength is to generate unconventional solutions such as connecting different manufacturing processes to create a finished component.

GVA offers the possibility to deliver the castings rough, pre-machined or finish-machined with vast amount of machining options to choose from. Finishing of the surfaces – fine blasting, electro polishing, chroming, galvanizing and painting is performed as per architect and customers’ particular requirements.