Castings of the future

Besides optimizing the traditional utilization of casting technology GVA also concentrates on the future. Our castings of the future are partially the result of the development of traditional and new technologies of casting methods with conventional materials, as well as the research and development around the application of modern materials substituting or complementing iron and steel castings.

GVA Krefeld GmbH has formed a strategic partnership to engineer and integrate ceramic elements with castings.

In addition to the manufacturing process and the choice of material, the performance is being influenced by shape and design of the casting. GVA relies on computer-based simulation during the engineering phase of the project. The results are incorporated into our daily business to improve the performance of our products continuously.

Please contact us in case of any questions or remarks concerning the use of ceramic materials or lightweight components combined with cast steel or cast iron.

Sample of a ceramic spout combined with a casting.