Ecology and future

In times of decreasing resources, global warming and high cost pressure in almost all industries, efficiency is becoming increasingly important. GVA has developed a way how to deal with office resources. We started at the local workplace. Small things such as LED lighting, the use of EnergyStar certified computers and the double-sided printing on paper are jigsaw pieces keeping the big picture in focus. GVA headquarter office for example obtains 100% of its electricity from sustainable production without the use of nuclear power.

With our designs and products we aim for much higher performance with less material usage. GVA has been practicing this balancing act for several years with great success.

For example:
Slagpot weight is reduced to 32 tons, instead of 35 tons; cycle times are 50 minutes tap to tap; distance of 2 km between the furnace and dump station; the slagpot carrier works 3 shifts per day. In this sample we move 172,8 tons less per day and per carrier. In total we save moving weight of 43.200 tons in 250 working days per year.

This weight reduction affects tire wear and fuel consumption for the carrier including the physical stress on the backbone of the vehicle driver is. Furthermore, the reduced weight affects the transport from our production to the customer’s site. And finally, when the slagpot has reached the end of its lifetime, it can be recycled up to a 100%.

What will the future bring?

GVA is already working on recycling programs for selected customers. Upon request this program will be extended to your application. In addition we are developing local qualities in materials as well as the use of ceramics in wear intense applications.