Welcome to GVA Krefeld

GVA Krefeld GmbH is an engineering and trading office headquartered in Krefeld, Germany.
The competences acquired in the 30 years of company history, as well as the accompanying experiences, give you security of reaching your goals together with GVA Krefeld GmbH, at all your sites, worldwide.
The foundation for this company, today acting globally, was laid by Karlheinz Näser, as a co-founder of GVA Krefeld GmbH, as well as pioneer of today’s modern slagpot for steel plants.
Based on these roots, the company has developed into an engineering-service and trading office. As full-service provider GVA Krefeld GmbH allows for project handling from one source, from concept to final delivery. Our worldwide network made up of fixed contractual partners, certified among others according to DIN ISO 9001, ensures a high level of quality.

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Castings up to 100t:

  • Slagpots and dross boxes (GVA Slagpot)
  • Permanent molds (Coquilles), casting equipment for steel mills
  • Parts for mechanical engineering
  • Crusher- and furnace components
  • Cast pieces for mechanical engineering and naval construction
  • Custom made pieces up to 200t
    …and much more upon customer request

Forgings up to 120t:

  • Drop balls
  • Rolls
  • Shafts
  • Free form forging and drop forgings

Welding constructions up to 100t:

  • Ladles
  • Scrap chutes
  • Pressure vessels
  • Ladles / Casting forms
  • Special constructions according to customers’ wishes

Steel castings:

  • Carbon steel alloys (low- and high-alloy Steels)

Cast iron castings:

  • All EN-GJS (Ductile iron), All EN-GJL (Grey iron), Hematite

NE metals:

  • Aluminum
  • All bronze alloys
  • All brass alloys
  • All gunmetal alloys
  • All nickel-bronze alloys
  • All aluminum-bronze alloys

All castings in hand moulding, machine moulding, chill casting, as well as centrifugal casting procedures.