Quality ensured manufacturing

GVA Krefeld has been developing components in the fields of shipbuilding, shipyards and water engineering for renowned manufacturers all over the world for decades. Our task is to develop concepts together with the clients’ engineers ensuring the application and production aspects jointly and manufacture these components at a secured predefined quality.

Examples of GVA’s product range are:

  • Bollards, sheet piling bollards, lock bollards and belaying cleats (clamps)
  • Crane hooks and shackles
  • Ballast and counterweights for cranes, excavators and other vehicles
  • Parts for marine engines
  • Parts for drive shafts and bearings
  • Propeller gondola PODS
  • Anchor winches and anchors, as well as accessories
  • Castings and forgings for marine equipment

Certified & inspected

GVA manufactures marine products according to customer’s quality standards and requirements, certified and inspected. Upon client’s request, production is accompanied by the own quality assurance officer or by an official certification body (3rd party inspection) in our manufacturing facilities. GVA offers extensive support with own personnel on site.