Innovative products with quality – Made in Germany

All GVA products are manufactured exclusively as per GVA instruction in specialized and certified production facilities. The products are matching the desired application of the client including quantity, delivery term and quality standards.

The applied production processes and the material qualities depend on the application of the corresponding product. Accordingly, our products can be forgings, welding construction or castings. The quality level of their material can range from low-alloyed until high-alloyed, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant. In addition we distinguish between rough product surfaces, pre-machined or finished-machined parts for immediate use.

We manufacture precisely according to customer production drawing and specification, alternatively we produce a GVA optimized solution and deliver in time and quality assured up to the customer plant.

Optimization and Engineering

GVA is specialized in the field of metallurgical technology, engineering tooling components and logistical vessels. In addition to the main application areas for the Steel, Copper, Aluminum and Nickel industry, GVA’s product solutions are also used in all other melting operations.
GVA supplies designs and engineering, feasibility studies, simulations, prototypes, single- and serial products for your applications.

Logistics & turnkey Solutions

Because of our available worldwide production locations you are benefitting from the best-matching facility to your requirement as well as the logistically most efficient solution. We supply not only container cargo or truck-sized products but also heavyweight and over-dimensioned components to your seaport of choice or even to your workshop.

GVA is adding a choreographed logistical system – We ship products to any international destination and are able to fulfill all necessary formalities and regulation given by the country of destination.


Our product line includes open die forgings with unit weights of up to 120 metric tons and die forgings with unit weights of up to 1.500 kg. Low- and high-alloyed steels are used according to the particular requirements and utilization. As per clients wishes the forgings will be delivered as a rough forging, pre-machined or ready for installation including heat-treatment. The product area of GVA ranges from small die forgings such as steering knuckle pins up to gear cutted forging rings (max. diameter 6500 mm) and finely balanced 120 tons generator crankshafts.

Welding constructions

We are your number one address for specialized fabrications and serial welding constructions including heavy weight components up to a unit weight of 100 metric tons.

Exemplary application: Scrap baskets, Ladles, Transfer cars, Converters, Components for converters, Pressure vessel, Furnace cover and roof and Hydraulic- / Plunger cylinder.


Castings from:

  • Iron with lamellar, vermicular and spheroidal graphite, low and high alloyed
  • Cast steel, also alloyed
  • Heavy metal casting, bronze, brass
  • Light metal castings, aluminum- and magnesium alloys

Hand-form castings: small, medium and large casting:

  • Grey cast iron (EN-GJL, old “GG”) -> max 160 t weight per piece
  • Cast iron with vermicular-type graphite ( EN-GJV, old “GGV”) -> max 80 t weight per piece
  • Cast iron with spheroidal graphite (EN-GJS, old “GGG”) -> max 120 t weight per piece
  • Cast steel, carbon steel and low alloyed -> max 160 t weight per piece
  • Cast steel, high alloyed -> max 40 t weight per piece
  • Nonferrous metals

Machine-form castings:

  • All steel, iron and metal alloys (size depends on size of molding box)

Investment castings / Lost wax casting technique:

  • All steel, iron and metal alloys with max 60 kg weight per piece

Vacuum form process:

  • With polystyrene pattern, for all steel, iron and metal alloys

Gravity and pressure die casting:

  • Aluminum and magnesium alloys
  • Heavy metal castings
  • Grey cast iron (EN-GJL, old “GG”)
  • Cast iron with spheroidal graphite ( EN-GJV, old “GGV”)

Aluminum Production

GVA Krefeld GmbH supports aluminum producers during the production process with different products, wear material and spare parts.

A selection these components are illustrated. Sample applications are:

  • Anode Yoke
  • Dross Pots and Covers
  • Slagpots
  • Container for Remaining Metal
  • Molds
  • Pouring Nozzles and Spouts
  • Casting Slide Gate Plates
  • Transport Channels
  • Pig Molds
  • Molds for Desox Aluminum
  • SOW Molds
  • Spare parts for Casting Lines
  • Suction Tubes
  • Oxide ceramic insulating and heat protection


The name GVA stands globally for: THE SLAGPOT COMPANY
We develop your slagpot exactly according to your requirement, incorporating our design considering all your modalities and means of transportation. We draw special focus on the connecting dimensions and performance ratio.

Our Slagpots will match your existing equipment considering our design philosophy – no matter if there are multiple types of transfer cars, other mobile equipment or simple operation by crane. We are able to assist with complete planning and concept of slagpots within your steel mill. The slagpots will be individually adjusted to the respective application.

Magnet housings

The application area for electric magnets is within steel scrap handling, the recycling processes, loading and unloading scrap and handling of ingots in steel and forging mills. GVA Krefeld produces housings for electric magnets according to customer’s requirements and drawings. Our magnet housings with a round configuration reach up to a diameter of 6 meters; rectangle housings have no limits in sizing and can be also produced in segments. The housing design and configuration can be individually executed according to the requirement.

GVA delivers the basic cast body, which is used by the customer to install his own accessories. As the choice of material for the base body plays an important role in performance and quality we are able provide support finding the correct material mix. GVA has developed a vast extent of improvements for modern magnets gained by the engineering support of active projects and holds a well-founded know how in this special segment.

Copper Production

GVA develops and produces a vast array of products for the copper industry.
Sample applications are:

  • Converters
  • Parts for Converters
  • Slagpots
  • Pouring and Casting Channels
  • Ingot Molds
  • Ladles
  • Spare Parts for within the whole Process
  • Blow Mold
  • Oxide ceramic insulating and heat protection